How to Start a Digital Marketing Strategy – The First 90 Days

I recently spoke at the BMA-NJ Digital Marketing Summit on “The First 90 Days of a Digital Marketing Strategy”. Folks at the event gave me some nice feedback, so I thought I would review the same approach here, along with some links to free tools and some useful infographics. For me, the First 90 Days […]

Real Time Marketing – Ted Kohnen of Stein + Partners Brand Activation Speaks at BMA-NJ

(This post was originally published on BMA-NJ website) According to Ted Kohnen, CMO of Stein + Partners Brand Activation, Real Time Marketing is more than the latest fad– it’s an organizing principle that can be used to make the marketing message more relevant. Beyond the much-discussed “instant” Oreo campaign during the SuperBowl blackout, Real Time Marketing (RTM) can be applied in terms of days, […]

3 Ways to Use Word Clouds As A Research Tool

Word Clouds – they’re not just a cool graphic anymore!  Have you thought about how much information they can give you? Using the handy Wordle word generator site, I tried creating a few of my own to see what I could learn. The first one is a graphical expression of my LinkedIn profile, which fortunately shows “Marketing” […]

Social Media – The Old Fashioned Way

Remember when Social Media meant something different? When, as Marketers, we got excited about sales tools that increased our face-time and real-life connection with our customers? How often does a sales call revolve around a PowerPoint presentation, with the customers staring at an image on the wall? Think how little personal connection occurs during a […]