LinkedIn Endorsements – Good, Bad or Indifferent?

It’s the latest thing. In the first week, 4 million endorsements were given on LinkedIn. But the jury is still out on whether they have staying power, or just a flash in the pan. They’re interesting…….but not necessarily for the reason they are intended. When I see an endorsement, I find myself asking three questions: […]

The Power of The Cascading Network – Expanding Reach Through LinkedIn

I tend to assume that most people I interact with are active users of Linkedin.  But from time to time, I find myself convincing someone of the power of  the Linkedin network Beyond the standard advantages – keeping up to date with people, having access to shared articles etc – the one that is often the most […]

The First Three Questions for a Social Media Strategy

We Tweet, We Blog, We LinkIn – but does 1+1=3? Like many corporate marketers, particularly in B2B, I’m not lucky enough to have dedicated resources to manage our social media and digital marketing activities. Fortunately, I do have a dedicated band of marketers who each contribute to our social media outlets as part of their regular tasks. […]