The Final Stretch- Part 3 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Digital Marketing fun? Many parts of it are – but in the final 30 days of your initial strategy, you have to focus on the more “procedural” aspects, to ensure you’re set up for success.[Earlier postings describe the First & Second 30 days] Write Down the Plan. This doesn’t have to be over-complicated, but […]

The First Three Questions for a Social Media Strategy

We Tweet, We Blog, We LinkIn – but does 1+1=3? Like many corporate marketers, particularly in B2B, I’m not lucky enough to have dedicated resources to manage our social media and digital marketing activities. Fortunately, I do have a dedicated band of marketers who each contribute to our social media outlets as part of their regular tasks. […]

How to add a Chief Content Officer to your team – for free!

NPR recently announced that their executive in charge of Digital Media would become their Chief Content Officer. In a piece in the New York Times, it’s reported that the News and Programming departments will both report in to this new position, highlighting the importance of creating and sharing content across digital and traditional channels. So while we […]