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Get the Attention you Deserve

As your company grows, it’s no longer enough to have a great product or service that people love. You need to find fresh ways to showcase your offering; clearly explain your unique value; and get the attention your products deserve.If you know you need to establish a marketing team, but you’re not yet ready to hire a senior marketer, Solent Strategies can be your strategic marketing partner.

The Path to Scalable Growth

Solent Strategies can help you:

> Identify your critical marketing needs
> Build a go-to-market plan
> Scope out your first marketing hire
> Mentor and manage your team
> Reduce Sales & Marketing friction

Steve Cummins - Principal and
Chief Marketer

As a B2B Technology Marketer, Steve has lived the day-to-day rollercoaster of fast-growing companies, working across the US, Europe and Asia.He knows that Marketing only works if it's done hand-in-hand with the Sales team, and aligned with revenue goals.And most importantly, he knows the value of “getting stuff done,” not just talking about it.

The Marketing Mix Podcast

Talking to B2B professionals about their experiences in and around the world of Marketing.Whether it’s the best approach to demand generation, getting the most out of in-person events, or thoughts on how AI is going to change the industry, our guests share their knowledge and expertise in all things Marketing.Each episode features someone who’s out there, in the mix, “getting stuff done.”

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A Trusted Marketing Advisor

Providing the marketing strategy and know-how you need to take your company to the next level

Preparing you for Growth
When you’re ready to expand, but don’t have a marketing team in place, we can help you take those first steps. Assessing the best marketing mix for your company, and identifying the skillsets you need to grow. Guiding the recruiting process, and onboarding your first marketers. Establishing the right tools, and setting up processes and practices. And helping you scale to the point where you need a full-time Marketing Director.

Strengthening the In-house Marketing Team
We can get the best out of your existing Marketing team, providing direction and building their skillsets through coaching and mentoring. Plus, we’ll identify the gaps and pain-points; and help you recruit new team members or find freelance assistance.

Defining the Marketing Strategy
With so many ways to reach your prospective customers, and an ever-changing list of available tools and tactics to help you get there, how can you be sure you’re investing in the right areas? With a well-defined Marketing Plan, based on your business goals, your products and your resources, we can build a roadmap to help you navigate through the Marketing landscape.

Bridging the Gap between Marketing & Sales
Reduce friction between your sales and marketing teams by aligning on goals and metrics; improving cross-team communication; and demonstrating the value of marketing in the overall sales process

As a Trusted Advisor to the leadership team
Before you invest in a full-time, senior marketing hire, Solent Strategies can act as your in-house expert, at a fraction of the cost. Who do you call when you need marketing advice? Someone who knows your business like an insider, but sees the world like an outsider.

To find out more, book a 30 minute "getting to know you" call with Steve Cummins.

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How We Can Help

Marketing isn’t “one size fits all.” Every company has unique requirements. Here are some ways we can work together.

Marketing Frameworks
Whether you’re building a Marketing function from scratch, or are ready to grow your existing team, we can work with you on a project basis to create the framework for a successful growth journey.
Defining the growth strategy; coaching your less-experienced team members; establishing the tools and practices to be successful; building bridges with Sales; and helping you build a Marketing team that’s ready to scale.

Fractional CMO
If you want to bring a senior Marketer on to your team, but aren’t yet ready to invest in a full-time hire, consider a Fractional CMO. Steve will work with you on a longer term, part-time basis, to build the foundations of a growing Marketing function, develop your in-house talent, and prepare you for that next step.

A Trusted Advisor
Part of your team, as an "on call" marketer, or a member of a formal Advisory Board. Working on a retainer-basis, to provide ongoing marketing advice to the Executive team and regular guidance to your in-house marketers.

A Marketing Audit
You’re already spending time and money on your Marketing. But how confident are you that the investment is paying off? With a Marketing Audit, we’ll look at how you’re doing in terms of message clarity, website performance, ad spend, social media reach and sales enablement. And provide actionable insights and an outline plan to move forward.

Hiring the Right Marketing Talent
It starts with identifying the skillset and experience level you need, and writing a job description that attracts the right candidates. We can also prescreen candidates, or develop interview guides and challenges. We’re not a recruitment company. But we can help you find the talent that fits your company and your goals.

There are many ways we can partner with you to scale your marketing. These are just some examples of how it might work.To find out more, book a 30 minute "getting to know you" call with Steve.

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Steve Cummins - Principal & Chief Marketer

As a B2B Marketer with global experience, Steve has spent his career getting more than a fair share of attention for technology products. Whether it's launching a new product, expanding into a broader market, or gaining market share from a niche position, it always starts from recruiting and mentoring a high performing team of marketers.His corporate career includes scaling the Marketing function at Opengear, a Deloitte Fast500 IT solutions company (acquired by Digi International); building a team from scratch at Airtame, a small-but-feisty equity-funded A/V company in Denmark; rebranding Next Level Performance, a family-owned sales incentive company; and running the Technical Marketing Division at Panasonic Electric in the US.Steve grew up in England, and has lived in the US for many years, while working and traveling globally. He has been a Marketer at companies with British, American, Australian, Japanese and Danish ownership, and is comfortable bridging the gap between different professional cultures. Steve is now focused on helping companies expand their marketing capabilities, to scale as they grow.

Let's talk! If you’ve got a burning question about the latest trends, need help on a specific project, or just want to chat about the wonderful world of Marketing, book a 30 minute "getting to know you" call with Steve.

Why "Solent" Strategies?

The Solent is a historically significant stretch of water on the south coast of England. It’s where the Mayflower sailed from, and was the location for the original Americas Cup yacht race. It also has a unique asset – a double high tide – which has given sailors and merchants an unfair advantage across the years. The tidal water has to travel around both sides of the Isle of Wight, causing an extra-long high tide; providing deeper water and wider windows for ships; and making Southampton one of the most profitable ports in Europe.Solent Strategies seeks to provide a similar “double tide” advantage for our clients, whether that’s building a skilled and motivated marketing team; bridging the gap between Sales and Marketing; or getting the attention your products deserve.Steve's first corporate job was at an Exxon refinery on the Solent, and he still visits the area regularly - the photo above was taken on the Solent, with the Isle of Wight in the background.

The Marketing Mix Podcast

Steve is host of "The Marketing Mix", where he talks to B2B professionals about their experiences in and around the discipline of Marketing.If you could capture the conversation between two friends, chatting about all things B2B Marketing over a cocktail - That's the idea of The Marketing Mix podcast.Each episode features someone who’s out there, in the mix, “getting stuff done.”

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